How does the feeling of loneliness affect us?

Have you ever wondered why it seems that every November there is this kind of silence, that takes overhand on the streets, in the forest all of the nature is preparing to go into a sleep until the spring comes around again.

This thought made me think of this song:

I dont know why but this tune gives of this slight feeling of that you are completely alone inside the silence, but at the same time your surrounded by all things that makes you feel at peace.

Everything in this tune must have been made from the setting of what it was supposed to be for wich was for a final fantasy game, and in my opinion this fits those games like a glove.

I also the last few days felt like im alone, even tho i know im not alone. But somewhere deep down in my heart is a seed of worry and despair that takes over. Even tho we are all here on this earth all together we still manage to make us feel like we are all alone. This i find really weird and even if we surround ourselfs if other people we still feel alone, why is that?

I keep trying to remind myself that even if i feel alone, i am not alone cause i can always text, call, talk to the people in my near and that ease my feeling of loneliness just abit but it helps and that is what counts.

To finish this post off i just wanna remind everyone that IF you think you are alone REMEMBER you are not alone in thinking that, what YOU can do about it is to talk to your friends and family if you ever feel like your alone even when they are near.

I will leave a few songs here for you to enjoy.

This song will be my ending for today and i will be back with a new post tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!