Sunday contained exam, stress and pain.

So like yesterday i woke up with a burning throat, i also suspect i might have had a slight fever but nothing to do. So i took a strong pill that is suppose to kill all the bacteria making your throat hurt. It helped and so the day moved on.

Tho as the day progressed i felt so tired and had no energy whatsoever, sadly i still had to go out, do the groceries, cook lunch, and then i could sit down or so i thought but no. Once again i have to go out for an errand before i could even start with my important thing… my exam that is to be handed in tomorrow evening latest. Lucky for me WHEN i sit down and start focusing on the task i can finish pretty quickly, tho after been writing for abit, then my classmate calls me and asks IF i can drop by tomorrow to help with some stuff. Yepp so after that i finish my exam send it to my friend, who reads and sends it back with some notes wich i read take in and do a few corrections to the text.

I now have finished editing the text i sent it to my friend who will check it tomorrow. I also finished the digital presentation wich was part one of this exam so just need to finish this written part and i can relax for 2 weeks before next exam period starts 😱!

But yea now the headache has came back slightly, and ima just head to bed and hope i will be without pain tomorrow!

I hope everyone have had a good weekend and next week we start strong again!

The image is taken this summer, and kinda represent me(frog) walls (exams, stress and fever..)


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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