Yes i went to sleep at 3:30am as i pointed out in my last post, but i also didnt sleep for very long… I woke up at 5am, fell back asleep woke up 7am, went back to sleep again woke up at 9 drifted between awake and sleep for around 1 more hour and then […]

Yes today was the midsommar celebration in all of Sweden, a day where people go out socializing and having fun with friends and family! I spent the afternoon and evening/early/late night with my friends talking, playing games and just having fun. We were outside playing a game BUT it started to rain so that fell […]

So today was an extremely early day.. woke up at 5am! I mean sure all is good but pls 5am is way to early… Well been going back and fourth to the store 3 times today cause they had a sale on potatoes! So many many potatoes… Also at around 3:30pm this afternoon i saw […]

Yea this has been quite an uneventful day, been doing laundry put away some stuff that is not needed anymore and cleaned out the wardrobe to make some space. I also been enjoying the sunshine abit aswell but there have been no wind at all! This afternoon i opened my window and was hoping to […]

Today been a slow day to be honest, but i woke up around 7am this morning and decided to stay in bed watching some serie just to have a good start of this Tuesday! Then i went out for groceries and some other errands. When i got home i spilled Pepsi all over the kitchen […]

Today i enjoyed the day which was warm but cloudy! I been staring at the clouds listning to a podcast today and reflecting over some things today. It is intresting the clouds just slowly drift either fast or they just seem to be stuck, it was quite enjoyable just sitting back and enjoy watching them. […]

Today started quite nice, abit of sun and clouds BUT that turned quickly and no clouds and sun and 35 degrees in the sun blasting into my window from 1pm until 8pm! My room was hot like really hot! Luckily i have my small table fan to blast me with some cold enjoyable air! I […]

Yes and not you might be wondering about why this post is called “IS IT ALIVE AGAIN?!?!” Well i will explain the reasoning about this title! Today at 10am i got a pm on discord wich asked if i needed help with my old crappy broken computer. I said yes cause i dont know how […]

Yes today was a good day, work was great i had a blast even tho it rained until the afternoon we had so much fun! We danced, crawled around, walked with our butts! We read books and just had fun outside where the rain had asemble in big puddles! Then it was time to go […]