Wednesday a day with genders

So today i had a lecture about genders you know boy/man girl/woman and everyone who is not identifieing themself as boy/girl/man/woman. I guess i could just put down male or female but ohwell! So this opened up fairly heated discussions about the norm in todays society, our different cultures and how important it is to…… Continue reading Wednesday a day with genders

Tuesday retake exam

Today i did my last retake exam and i had a blast! Did 3 things with the kids 1. warm up roughly 2.5 minutes. 2. Main activity wich was Simon sais wich everyone joined in on! 3. Relax and evaluation so i asked all kids 2 things: 1. Was it fun or not and 2.…… Continue reading Tuesday retake exam

Friday a day of not feeling like myself.

So today i woke up as usual, felt abit cold and watched outside and its completely icy everywhere. Checking my thermometer and it states that it is -8 degrees outside and im just feeling I AM NOT going outside today… Well come down and the first thing i hear is “we are going to town…… Continue reading Friday a day of not feeling like myself.