Sunday and feeling abit under the weather

Today is the 23rd of December the day before christmas eve, in Sweden we celibrate christmas on the 24th. But i dont have any christmas feeling at all, but i probably will feel abit like christmas tomorrow when i put on christmas songs and just take in the general feeling of christmas.

Today have been one of those days when i didnt do anything. I helped doing a few things but other then that i have been trying to fix my second computer wich sadly seems to have a broken graphics card… Why do i suspect that? Cause everytime i start the computer it works for a few minutes and then vertical green,black and red stripes appear and the computer is not responding and all i can do is force a shutdown.

So i will try salvage everything on the computer and then see if i can get it fixed with a new grahics card. But we will see when i van afford and have time to do that!

But now i wish you all a merry christmas and to everyone who doesnt celibrate christmas happy holidays!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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