Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

So today is Christmas Eve wich means that we in Sweden and other Scandinavic countries are celebrating christmas together with family and friends.

Sadly i have been feeling sick like i was gonna throw up since yesterday evening! So i have not been celebrating alot cause i been feeling like this all day and still am..

Today was cold tho like really cold -18 degrees! But had to go out and get 1 last christmas gift.

Outsider my window on my street there was a gathering of smaller birds, they jumped around on the street and suddenly they flew up into a pine. Then 3 seconds later they where down again, so i counted and it was 30 of these small birds. I sat about 10 minutes watching these birds doing the same thing.

If the birds come back another day i will take a picture and share it!

So now i wish you all a merry christmas and happy holidays!