Tuesday a new game has been tested!

So i tried the game Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen cause it has been on my steam list since September or so but never got around to try it until today!

So what is Dragons Dogma? It is a RPG with a story line that got me hooked in 5 minutes.. the game starts when you play as a Hero who needs to slay a bit dragon. A. HUGE. FIRE. BREATHING. DRAGON! But i didnt get that far i got killed by a chimera (half lion, half goat and half snake!) Well after i was killed i was taken to create your character screen wich was nice and fairly easy to understand.

Then as i started playing my town was attacked and i became the target of the dragon wich litterly kicked me to the ground and ripped my heart out.. (we are now maybe 10~15 minutes into the game)

But what a start of the game! I decided out of the three basic classes (warrior, bowman or mage) to go with mage. (You can later change into mystic warrior, wizard, assassin and some other classes wich i havent checked out.)

I decided after a while to change into wizard tho cause better looking weapons then mage..

You also are given a pawn (side kick) this pawn will level next to you and you get to pick what class he or she should be. You also have a rook (another pawn with ya). Then abit later into the game you will be able to hire one more pawn so you can have a party of 4!

The day and night cycle is nice. At daytime you will see almost everything that is not obstructing your view, but as soon as the sun goes down you wont see anything and all you can rely on is your lantern for light and the wildlife (animals, bandits and monsters) will become more agressive! Also they will see you but your vision is obstructed by the darkness.

So i got hooked and im now 8 or 9 hours into the game and i only explored maybe 10% of the map and areas. But one thing is certain i am having alot of fun!