Wednesday a day with genders

So today i had a lecture about genders you know boy/man girl/woman and everyone who is not identifieing themself as boy/girl/man/woman. I guess i could just put down male or female but ohwell!

So this opened up fairly heated discussions about the norm in todays society, our different cultures and how important it is to see the individual and not the gender behind the individual.

I am certain that there are people out there who will be annoyed/angry about the gender topic i write about today but well my blog and i will bring up everything i feel like!

I am after all studying to get a degree in younger kids education, and that means i will meet all kinds of children and adults so this topic makes me keep in mind to always greet and talk to everyone in an equal manner.

Now the christmas “vacation” have started but for me this means home studies. But gonna take abit everyday so i wont be stressing to much!