Tuesday retake exam

Today i did my last retake exam and i had a blast! Did 3 things with the kids 1. warm up roughly 2.5 minutes. 2. Main activity wich was Simon sais wich everyone joined in on! 3. Relax and evaluation so i asked all kids 2 things: 1. Was it fun or not and 2. If this was something they wanted more off.

I also noticed that i still am sick so my stamina and body is in pain from doing this activity today, but we all had fun and that was the most important!

Tomorrow is lecture day and we are currently reading about genders for this week and how we use different voices, gestures, speech patterns depending if you speak to a boy or a girl.

I already read something simular to this and after that i have started changing, i actually am now using non different tones in my voice when speaking to the kids. Atleast i feel like i do that and i always try to keep that in mind.

But it is now time for me to sleep and tomorrow is a new day with new experiences!