Staring into nothingness…

There have been moments in my life where i felt slightly depressed, broken and disconnected from this world we live in. This is on a whole new level of feelings or rather lack of feelings might be a better explanation..

I am starting to feel like im completely empty inside, like that anxiety i felt was nothing to what im currently feeling, imagine that the feeling of hollowness that east things up from inside and out. Instead of being only in my stomach its now my whole being. Yes this is getting to the point where i can sit and look outside and i dont really look at anything, its like im stuck in a daydream that isnt there. I stare at nothing even tho the world is filled with things.

Its not like i try occupy my mind with other things but nothing peaks my intresst, not games, no books, no anime, videos, movies, series nothing. Its like my whole world have been devoid of something.

Everyone goes through rough patches in life, its not something we can avoid or should avoid, we need to power through these patches and people tend to get out of them stronger then before. The thing is I have been through rough patches before, i been through bullies, accusations, mental torment, riddicule, hate. Its not something new to go through something problematic or even painful.

Its just that I have no energy/will right now. I just feel like im staring out into an endless void thats just staring back at me.

Everytime i feel like i am in a good place that lasts a few days before the thoughts/whispers/lies comes crawling back into my head. This time they might not be telling me lies and it might be truth that these whispers always been telling me..


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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