Thursday, have people forgotten?

I have been thinking alot this past week on alot of various aspects of life and what it truely means to be a human, this might sound like weird to be thinking about especially since i have been sick for a week..

There have been so many times i have been wondering about where i am currently and what i really want out of life in the long run, seeing as for all we know life might be over tomorrow or next year or who knows right? Well everything in life can kill me that isnt a joke and something i will keep in the back of my head everyday as it passes..

But what do i want? That is something i really havent spent time thinking about the past few years.. I thought i knew but no i have something i do wanna do but that isnt really a life goal or something.

I wanna travel and see the world, the culture, the people and the buildings that are all over our big world. But one day i myself wanna see myself settle down after i have seen the world and feeling content with how far i have come.

What do i mean when i settle down tho? I wanna find a place on this planet we call earth where i feel at peace utterly and complete peace of mind without a single worry in the back of my head. But to find that place i need to travel around to finally find the place to call my own, my “home”.

I also been thinking alot about the fact that people seem to have issues nowadays to not being able to relax and just sit in “silence” next to a friend/significant other but more the fact that they always need to do something? I dont see the value in only being able to be with someone when your only doing alot of things, sure thats fun and all but what about just being together? Are people so afraid to slow down and relax that they have forgotten the fact that its healthy for both body and soul?


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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