Wednesday sleepy and thinking…

Today have been a decent day, tho im coughing and feel generally low energy but yea been a rough day in some ways others pretty okay!

I was thinking today about the fact that timezones excist and how I spent pretty much my whole adult life not reflecting on alot of things..

Now that I talk to an american on a daily basis this has really gotten my eyes to open for how bad timezones really am.. cause either its night for me when its a decent time there.. or its night there and decent time for me.. yea it kinda screws everything up..

But I think this is a way for life to test me. Another way for it to try push me down but yea sorry that aint gonna work!

When you want something you need to fight for it. Thats a saying i heard but never really understood.. yea but I get it now so gonna keep going strong and fight this!

Anyway been falling asleep a few times today, so yea im getting better but slowly!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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