Tuesday last workday of 2020 and some mental relapses…

So today was the final workday of 2020 i am now on a 3 week vacation from work.

But thats not the part i wanna talk about today, yesterday i dont know why but i had a semibreakdown and just didnt wanna do anything anymore. I was quickly spinning and my emotions just went haywire and i just wasnt happy with anything at that point.

I was looking for music to lift my mood, didnt excist even the normal songs that helps didnt help anything… abit later after my brain just kept hammering me with thoughts and i had to control my breathing my friend came into a discord call with me and i just talked to her about what i had on my mind and then slowly but surely that set of mind and everything slowly faded. Sure i wasnt happy and just felt angry for the rest of the evening, it helped me and i ended up listening to my meditation video and fell asleep.

Today i felt better and i even felt abit lighter, but i am grateful for the discord calls that just cracks me up. Now this day is over and another day awaits tomorrow!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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