Sunday and so the rain started falling

Today i woke up at 8am cause the phone downstairs were ringing.. I looked outside and the sun was shining abit, but clouds were waiting at the horizon!

I went down had a small breakfast and then we went out for groceries. But as soon as i stepped outside it started raining… It is good that it does rain but i prefer sitting inside and watch out through the window when it rains.

Groceries done and home and had lunch. Sat down and wrote abit of thoughts down, i also started a sketch but when i finish it i will put it in a blogpost!

Now Sunday is over and tomorrow is Monday again and i will be writing on my last retake exam that is due on Friday!

Tuesday and Wednesday is the last 2 uni days for this semester and then its vacation! Then we will see if i will pass the retake so i can continue this fall with the 4th out of 7 semesters!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend like i have!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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