Saturday this will be all about the game Dauntless!

Note: I will be adding some screenshots to this post tomorrow!

So yesterday i came across this game called Dauntless, just by accident on a suggested video on my youtube list. I am so happy i checked it out!

I logged into Dauntless and abit confused cause i made a character and boom you got thrown into the game!

Dauntless is simular to the game monster hunter in some ways. You fight big monsters called Behemoths that roam the lands of the world in Dauntless called: the shattered Islands.

There are 5 different weapons and you can choose any of them and try them out in the fights against the behemoths (you can only use one weapon per run)

My favorite weapon is called warpike (looks like a spear) and it fits me like a glove! I am having so much fun running around and try changing up my bar for the energy shots!

You fight various types of behemoths currently i only have fought against flame, frost, thunder, tera and neutral behemoths. So there might be other types that i havent found yet!

In each expedition (behemoth run) You can select to search for a group or solo raid! Group raid gets you between 1-3 people that will join you in fighting the behemoth! Solo is selfexplanatory you go in alone and fight alone.

The game is alot more fun when partying up for the raids!

You have 5 potions that you can use to gain health back, but if you get knocked down dont worry you can self resurrect 3 times each fight! Or let one of your team member revive you as many times needed UNLESS the danger meter goes critical (100%) then you can only self resurrect!

If you do try Dauntless dont hesitate to send me a friend requests! Name: Perceptivity

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