Wednesday exams and lecture with headache and trembles.

Today i had 2 exams, one wich was really easy, and the second one wich we had to do after lecture was over. Now i have 1 exam left wich is due on Sunday, but i will start with it tomorrow and i got help today to figure it out so all good!

But yea after the lecture i got a nasty headache aswell as trembles wich was probably from fever, but i am not sure. But i havent been doing much else today, well i had my lunch at 4:15pm instead of 12, but that was my own choice.

Tomorrow i have 2 plans:

1. Working on my exam.
2. Getting a haircut

That is all that tomorrow will contain and i just need to focus on surviving this semester cause it seems this will be filled with exams like extreme amount of exams… (in 5 weeks i have had 7 exams counting the one that is due on Sunday..)

BUT now follows 5 weeks of internship so that will be great to just get a chance to breath wich i think is needed, and i know it will be awesome cause i never have a boring day when im on internship or work!

But now i am gonna call it a day.


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!