Yes the weather is nice and all but when 30+ degrees and gotta have energy for work that aint a good combo. The rest of the day i spent trying to cool myself down! I hope you all out there in this heat stay hydrated and have enough time to cool off! //Dan

Today i had a day off, the sun was shining and the temperature was above 27 degrees! I spent the day trying to cool the room and the house throughout the day cause the avg temp inside was above 28 degrees… Today also was the release of mr iglesias season 2 part 1 on netflix […]

Today was great weatherwise, even tho i was surpriced that the fall already made its presence real noticible… When the sun was out it was to hot, when it was cloudy it was to cold… Tomorrow is Friday and im working abit and then spending the weekend preparing for next weeks exam and lecture! Also […]