Monday first day at fulltime work

So today is the first day of fulltime work after I ended my studies, it feels crazy to be back fulltime working again after 3.5 years of only taking a few days here and there when I could.. But yea it feels great and im excited to see how this will develope! Seeing as I got a nice pay I will be doing my best like always!

But yea there are tons of pollen in the air so my allergies are currently going haywire on a small scale it havent broken out completely yet but I can feel it getting worse by each passing day.

But now im gonna focus on enjoying the coming weeks as I have vacation in 3 weeks for 1 week and im going away for a few days then so thats gonna be great! Then I am also getting another 3 weeks of in July so that will be great aswell and then fall is coming around and I will be doing my best to just enjoy my work and all!

Well tomorrow is closing shift so I gotta get a few extra hours of sleep as I been sleeping abit poorly the past few days!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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