Tuesday could have sleept so much longer.

As stated in yesterdays post i went to sleep earlier then i normally do, and i sleept until 9:30am but to be fair i could probably have sleept until like 2 or 3pm if i could!

But i went up and did groceries and lunch and then i studied for abit and looked for some items for tomorrows assignments.

Also tomorrow is the day when we get our exams back i believe… but im almost sure i get another F..

My motivation for study is being drained more and more for this… I have gotten so many F grades this semester that i start doubting myself again..

Just wanna finish these last exams and take the summer to think about what i wanna do with my life like properly do..

But thats for tomorrows Dan and not todays!

Hope this Tuesday been/is treating you good!

(Side note: This is post #200! I cant believe its been 200 days already!)


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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