Monday started way to early!

I woke up at 03:50am just to prepare to go finish my internship, yes cause i had to do one extra day. Well no problem the day went past just fine and fast!

I fell asleep on the bus home like 3 times cause i was low on energy and mentally exausted. But got my passing grade on internship 20 minutes after i got home!

Now im gonna call it a day cause yea been up since 3:50am and its now almost 9pm so thats 17 hours and i reach my limit… yepp im getting old and i need my sleep!

As you might have noticed since yesterday i decided to download and use the app to publish my posts, so i need to update them on my computer in order to add tags and some other things! But all is well and this app is giving me a good overview of everything so thats awesome!

Hope your Monday been good!


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By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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