Friday, chill day with a go home early sign!

Today have been intressting, not the most intressting but yea, it is also Friday today so that is great now weekend again!

Well today started with me going to my internship, and as i got off the bus and started walking i almost slipped and fell to the ground. Yes but this was not the only “accident” like this it happend not once more or even two times but seven times more! I never fell but i am pretty sure i hurt my foot and my back doing this. Cause my back hurts really bad atm and yes it is great!

I also got an email reply from the teacher i emailed yesterday, and she did say that she found it weird why i hadnt gotten any reply back from the other teacher and that she was gonna investigate. She also told me to contact another teacher so i will be doing that next week!

I also saw that the retake exam finally appeared so i can start working on that during next week finally! But yes tomorrow is Saturday and i have plans to go out with my friend to watch a movie finally! It has been quite some time since we hangout so it feels like it is needed!

And my mentor on my internship let me go home abit earlier today aswell wich was really nice!

But now ima take my back and lie down and hopefully it wont kill me tomorrow, as i actually suspecting it is doing currently cause it hurts sitting up straight!

Have a great weekend everyone!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!