Saturday, failed exam and movies!

Yes yesterday was Saturday and i got the result back from the last exam, and this time again it was a F (failed), it annoys me and beats me down mentally cause i am not sure how fun this is. I have accepted the last exams fail cause i know it was my own fault, but this exam wich i worked really hard for i dont accept as easily, but it isnt my job to put the grades on these exams it is the teachers job..

I also went and watched two movies with my friend yesterday, the first movie we watched was Captain Marvel, and i did like it, and the fact that it didnt feel as long as it really is also made it get a + in my book.
I will not go to deep into the story of this but it contains quite a few background information that many of us have been wondering about! So if you are a marvel fan then this might just fill in the small blankspots that you want to know.

If you havent seen the trailer here it is:

The second movie we went to was Alita Battle Angel. It was an intressting movie about a doctor and a cyborg, but this all changed when things started spinning and Alita (who have no memories) starts seeing some of her old memories. This movie was ok but some parts of it annoyed me alot, but i cant go into those without spoiling so i wont. If you havent watched it and are planing to go do it.

Alita Battle Angel trailer:

Another blogpost will be up this evening!


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