Saturday, hangout with friends!

I stepped out today into the world again! The snow have fallen even more since yesterday and the cars are all covered. Not even the darkest colored car can stand against this snow. Every car was white from the amount of snow that fell!

I also went down to visit my friends in another town, wich always are fun cause since my studies takes up alot of time i dont have time to socialize with them that much, sure we can talk on messenger, facebook, instagram and snapchat but that isnt the same as hangouts. Wich i figure everyone know how it is to actually sit face to face and talk and just hang and socialize about everything and nothing. What a good feeling that is especially if you are abit stressed from work / school / research or whatever you do, to actually get a moment where you dont have to think about anything is actually amazing!

Tomorrow is Sunday and i will be study most day tomorrow to finish all for the exams next week. I still havent decided on a material for the math exam but hopefully i pass by using my imagination and a plan on how to use the material in the educational process!

As a final thing in this blog i leave you with a song that you can listen to IF you want to 🙂 and i hope your last day of the weekend will be awesome!