First day of February is here!

January has already passed, i cant believe how fast time really goes… So what have i been up to today?

Well today i have been taking it abit slow, done some studying, played some maplestory and Skyrim. But other then that the day have only been flowing past. The fact that time is flowing is quite scary if you think of it. All the days just runs us by.

So what plans do i have for this coming weekend?

I am gonna visit my friend, who i havent meet since new years, so that will be fun! But i also am gonna study this weekend, to finish in time for the exams we have on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

One of the exams ask that we come up with a material for younger kids (age 1-3) math. I do have some plans for what this can be, but we will see!
The second exam is to bring something of personal value, this will be abit harder since i have quite alot of things… But we will see what i choose!
The third exam is a song exam, and the song has already been selected from my studygroup but we will see if that get chosen or not!

Also next week Monday-Wednesday might not contain any blogposts depending on how tired and drained i am after each day. I will also stay in the uni town for the 3 days so that will be intressting!

But i will keep you all updated on how the days goes!

Now i wish you all a good weekend!