Sunday the weekend is over!

Today i finished my exam prep, BUT it has stressed me out completely.. i dont know if the thing i have written is in anyway correct or if i screwed myself over completely!

I sent a message to my classmate explaining my fears and calmy replied “we will see tomorrow if we all have thought differently”.

Well tomorrow we gonna prepare the last for the exam on Wednesday and hopefully we are all on the same page..

I also watched some youtube videos about procrastination and motivation and study habits, cause i do procrastinate alot even tho i shouldnt.. But these videos actually gave me some helpful tips and trix on how to study more efficiantly so will try that starting next semester wich is in ONE week!

But now i say bye weekend and welcome stress exam week!

But now lets focus on the exams infront of me wich is next week! I cant believe that i already been studying for a full year after next week.. A whole year has passed and only 2.5 years left before i graduate! Aslong as i dont screw up exams i should be ok.. Maybe 😶