Sunday everyone has the right to love someone!

When you hear the saying: “patience is key” what is the first thing that comes to mind?

For me it was that there is no reason to rush into things or wait for the right opportunity to present itself but what if it never came?

What if that famous right moment is actually never? Maybe that moment is something you yourself gotta create for it to come into existance!

But I also were watching a youtube video today where there was a discussion about god and the LGBTQ+ spectrum and one specific part made me react.. it sound something like this:

“I dont condemn lgbtq nor do I have anything against couples BUT it makes me sad cause it goes against what the bible tells us” The thing is I am not religious by any means and will never be, but so many times we hear that we are all loved and we all have a path for everyone to walk down on. So what makes the fact that there are same sex couples, same sex marriges and etc go against the road he made for each of us individually?

I dont get it, I am all for letting everyone love who they wanna love and be with whoever they wanna be. Ofcourse there are exceptions in this specific sentence i mean consenting older teens/adults that are in a relationship! No matter if its a hetero couple or a lgbtq+ couple aslong as you truely love the person your with thats whats important!

We have such a limited time on this earth as it is so why spend so much time on hating life and others when you can focus on the positive parts of your own life and respect everyone as fellow humans.


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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