Saturday the heart is as fragile as glass, but as strong as a diamond.

For a while i have been reflecting alot on what it means to not only love yourself but love others aswell and i feel like the topic “The heart is as fragile as glass, but as strong as a diamond” fits the descriptions pretty nicely and i will explain what i mean by this in todays post!

The fact that a heart can be as fragile as glass is summery of the fact that you can break yourself as easy as a glass, all the negativity can easily take over your life and break you down into a billion pieces and you lose all the hope and trust in yourself. But you just keep picking up those pieces again and to find out that you will be okay in the end. But it is not until your heart has broken as a glass that you will be able to start mending yourself and start accepting all the parts that makes you well you. Its like making a puzzle but all the pieces are something that is unique for yourself. Your smile, your cloths, your hair, your face, your voice, your hobbies, your preferences that makes life seem better.

“But what if I cant put my puzzle back together?” Well do you expect that you will be done with a million piece puzzle in a day, a week, a month, a year or a lifetime? It all depends if you let yourself taking the time to start fitting the pieces together. You will start by picking up a single piece and that piece will then connect to another, you are the puzzle master you, and noone else can put this puzzle together for you. But someone else can become part of your puzzle as their pieces connect with yours along the way. So dont be afraid of your puzzle breaking, cause you will always be able to pick the pieces up around you, and maybe the one person who has the pieces connecting with yours will show up along the way of your puzzling adventure!

What do i mean with “but as strong as a diamond” Well your heart might have broken in a billion pieces but the pieces themself havent really broken right? They might have changed shape along the way but they still fit into your puzzle. No matter how hard you try or how hard anyone else tries to destroy what makes you, you they cant break that piece it can only be reshaped but never broken and never lose its initial value. The core of all your pieces are unbreakable and it will stick with you until the day that you die. But when your part is over and done, the connections that you made will keep building onto your puzzle that made it connect to the bigger picture in the end.

There will always be someone there for you even when you feel like you always been alone, every single person you said hi to have connected to your puzzle and will keep building onto their own, but your pieces are still there connecting to someone elses.

Even if your broken, even if it feels hopeless you can pick a piece up and start once again even if it feels so hard that it seems impossible, but you can do it and who knows maybe another part of the puzzle will be the starting point this time?

So always keep moving, keep learning who you are and what it means to be you! Cause you are important and you deserve to live a life!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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