Tuesday a deep talk.

So yea i dont know these past few days have been quite taxing on my mental state again, ever since i found that tarot reading video i have been feeling out of place with a heavy heart and mind.

But when i get these moods its kinda good since it comes with a boost to my productive side later on. But for now im just processing thoughts and problems in my head around and around..

I feel abit like im being pulled in alot of ways right now, not like im breaking but more like my mind keeps getting louder and my thoughts gets more focused on several points of intresst.

But today on stream i discussed these topics and i also talked about different songs i found that speaks to me. And i will leave the newest addition of songs here so you can listen aswell.

The lyrics that speak to me goes like this: “No sanctuary no place to hide” and for me this means i can and will never find a place where i can hide away from my thoughts, my mind and my soul. But there is also no place i need to hide from this cause its only me and i am good enough.

Anyway enjoy UNSECRET – No sanctuary!


Have a good continuation of your Tuesday!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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