Sunday realising how short life truely is…

So yea a acronym thats being used often (was fairly popular a few years ago was) YOLO wich stands for You Only Live Once. Wich is accurate, your body atleast have one life. But the word “soul” is a very abstract and confusing word in many different contexts. As in if we have a soul what happends when its freed? Our lifes have meaning is also true and we all have one soul. But still why do we sometimes hasten the demise of our body to free our soul?

Life is a collection of: Birth, growth, decline and death i would wanna say in all fairness… Tho life is what you make it. Thats something i hear quite often aswell.. Sometimes i find myself wondering why i am using my time in some ways and other times i dont use it at all.

Like now while writing this i keep looking up to the cealing to see if an answer on what to write comes to me. Well no, these blogposts are sometimes my life (all of them are in a certain way) but sometimes i need to release my thoughts here.

There is a song that have a line that i feel is a nice fit for the concept of life and that line is: “Lifes a cakewalk full of challenges” in my head that is correct there is no doubt in my head that is correct.

We have pleasure and we have pain but we walk lifes road and face these challenges but we dont overcome all of them alone sometimes the cakewalk needs to be walked by more then one person.

But yea i am here and i continue to walk even tho new challenges are on the horizon, i will be tackle them when they appear.


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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