Monday presenting my new project!

So todays post is pretty much an information post about my new project titled: Project Mental Health. I am posting the information i drafted up while planing step 1!

Creating a positive healthy Environment (community) to increase general positive health and negate negative news and influence.

Creating a discord / website / facebook to share things of the positive nature that can increase mental and social health. While working to negate dangerous and negative influences from affect mental and social health.

I for one have been down a dark hole myself as many others and its thanks to great community and friends that i managed to dig myself up to the point where i dont want to go back, event ho the thoughts and voices are there the friends i have keep them at bay. I want to create a place where people who feel like its their fault, feeling depressed, who are negativily influenced by news & media can have a place to find some kind of peace and we work together to try lift eachother out of the deep dark hole we sometimes land in. I want to create a kind of safeheaven that focusing on positive and strenghening the mentality to say its ok this is a safe place for everyone who wanna escape the negative, toxic and rightout dangerous media outlets.

It is time we come together to create something to start working on seeing a better and brighter world, no matter how small the thing you share IF it kindles happiness in any positive meaning i want you to share it in this community, i want you to tell us if you managed to get out of bed just to stretch and go back, every small step is the first step to bringing yourself out of the hole wich seems to be bottomless.

This is my sole reason for wanting to create this and this is the sole reason i am now gonna try make this into a reality!

So there you have it! This project is currently in phase 1 but as this project grows i will post another information post with step 2 and so forth!

If you have any questions or wanna join the project to check it out here is the discord server for it: (you can also leave your questions in the comments below and i will answer them).


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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