Tuesday so this didnt go as planned kinda..

So today i was at my internship in a meeting with my mentor all day pretty much cause we had quite alot to go through doing the midway discussion and going through my current work i have been doing with the kids and evaluate how my performance have been up to this date.

So at break i decided to tweet out that i am looking for an artist that wanna be commissioned to do some art for a banner, avatar and potential more in the future and well i tweeted out and then i had to go back to meeting and finish up all the discussions we had and then when i got to go home i opened my phone…

Lets just say that was the first surprice (28 replies and 16 DM requests) I went through looking at the comments and then i went through the message inquiries and lets just say i couldnt really finish looking through them all before even more started pouring in. As the day continued more and more replies came in and i had to reply saying i am looking through all but it will take some time. I dont think i ever had this kind of blowup on when posting im looking for an artist in an earlier tweet… But i am still going through the list and its currently standing on well over 40 replies and 30+ DM requests.. No idea if i will manage to go through them all with internship and everything going on…


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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