Sunday end of a week!

So today i am just gonna be voicing my mind again (seems to something i do not to often) but this past week i done it twice with this one!

But yea i feel abit at peace in my mind at this point, but its not that type of peace you normally find and more like a peace you make when you just feel relaxed.

But yea i am glad 2021 already is proving to me that i am able to set goals for myself and i have a pretty big goal for me cause even tho i call this thing im working on a project its more of a goal for me that i hope will become something useful. Cause my goals have always been to big or grand or even unattainable but now i am trying to plan it methodically and careful to actually make it not to big but not to small either!

But yea this year will show me if this will be achievable or IF its just another dream that i should just let flow in the wind. My friend who i told about this idea said this to me:

“It sounds like a good idea but i dont think it will work and it probably/likely will become a bubble and i dont want you to and up hurt or devestated/sad over the outcome. I will support you and i wish you the best of luck with this idea.”

So yea i will spend next week drawing up pros and cons of multiple ways i wanna make this project and i will also soon start showing what this will be all about! But for now im happy i have honest people who tell me how they see my ideas.

For now this week has come to and and a new week is on the horizon!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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