Friday thinking…

So yea today ima just empty my thoughts and see what comes out really cause today i dont feel like talking about my internship or the cold that is here atm.

Today was a good day but in all honesty every single day for the past few weeks have been great! But today after my internship and i got home and i put on a random youtube music playlist and there was a song that just got me thinking..

How many times have i not been contenplating my own existance? Or wonder what i am doing here? What am i contributing to this world? Well for one i am here, i excist to be myself and i dont need to exist for others. I also wonder when is enough negativity enough? I noticed i am getting quite tired of negativity around me so nowadays when i hear people complain or just sound right out rude i straight up say “I aint talking to you if you being like this, you can talk to me when you calmed down.” Or “if you complain so much about a specific equipment or appliance i will throw it out or remove it you decide” like i dont want negativity around me anymore i have been to far down in my own hole of depression and sadness that i dont want to have others that affect me negative nagging on me. So now with the said above questions i managed to diffuse the negativity at around 50% of the time depending on meaning and argument.

But yea i am sick and tired of negativity and i am working on changing me to look more to the positive side then the negative one cause lets face it my life is what i make it and i am not planing on making it all about this negative spiral shit thats being spewed at me primarily todays media and so forth.

Thats why i am currently slowly working on a side project that i will reveal around March depending how i will feel about it!

Anyway have a great Friday now its weekend!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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