Friday last workday for this week.

So today is Friday, it is quite a cold day today if i am gonna be completely honest. It was only 3 degrees when i woke up today and that is really cold for being mid September. Seeing as we had over 20 degrees last week.. But yea its noticeble that we are going towards a colder season. That is like it should be and soon enough winter is here.

Now i am looking forward to an relaxing weekend, the issue i have is that today my back started hurting after i was doing a few things at work so i am worried that i might be having some back issues coming for this weekend…

But for now i am looking forward to weekend and next week is the first of 2 examination weeks!

Next Friday the first exam is due, so i will be focusing on finishing that starting Monday, then Wednesday in 1 week the second exam is due to be done and thats a group exam so that will most likely be done ok. The final exam is a 2 day exam that starts on 1st of October and ends on 2nd of October.

But then after that is done the first period of this semester will already have been done! So many weeks have already gone by, soon enough we are entering the final semester and then graduation!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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