Thursday exam and we got snow!

Yes this mornings lectures started at 8:30am with an exam in how to handle conflicts! It was a really nice and intresting exam. It did teach me how an conflict goes through 3 stages (either up or down) and how to work on resolving them.

After that was done i had to go to have another exam wich was a retake from last semester. For about 1 hour me and 4 other students sat and discussed various topics and subjects so that was fairly easy and the time did fly.

Back to join the last hour of how to be a leader infront of kids. Tho i only could join the last few discussions before it was lunch time.

The last hours were spent discussing cases that doesnt really have one correct way of being handled, i do have really enjoyed these days with these lectures and this semester will bring alot more!

When i got home there was no snow, but now when i look outside the ground is pure white so i guess the winter might be here?


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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