Tuesday exam day 2 and decisions!

Yesterday was Tuesday but i was so tired so i fell asleep before i could write a blogpost so i will add yesterdays events into this one and also post another post later today!

Tuesday contained 2 exams, music and story telling exams, both really intresting and exciting subjects, for the music exam we had to sing a song for kids that we thought would be most obscure. Fun fact all except TWO songs i could the lyrics to and we had about 12 different songs!

The storytelling exam was to talk about an object of choice, i decided to show a picture i took in London, and talk about the journey i took the first time to England!

I also decided to stop eating pizza yesterday, cause after everytime my stomach gets annoyed, so now i will pick other dishes over pizza since i wont benefit anything from eating pizza except for an upset stomach!

Then again i might eat pizza sometime but yea it wont be that often anymore.


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!