Second exam is half done!

Today i sleept until 9 but didnt go up until 11 it was so nice just to be able to stay in bed!

Then i started getting ready to leave my friends place and go home to work on my second exam!

I spent 3 hours writing the first half of the exam 970 words (minimum of 1800 maximum of 2200 words).. and tomorrow is the deadline! But i hopefully will finish it by 3pm or something.. but next semester wich starts on Monday contains so much to read and exams in 2 weeks! Like no joke i have 2 weeks of lectures and around 1500 pages of litterature to read and then 2 or 3 exams BOOM…

Yea so this semester is gonna be harsh, but it is just to suck it up and focus and get through it all!

I just wanna survive these exams so i can graduate sometime in the future, but yes next semester starts Monday and i dont know if i am mentally prepared but i will do my best!