Saturday well guess this is a training form?..

So yea today i was looking around on my quest 2 (VR headset(Virtual Reality)) and i found an app that is meant to be a really good training form. It has variations for beginners / Intermediates and Experts so i tried out 3 different beginner courses and yea it was an experience i tell you…

So yea it holds up its promise to be good training, i definitly felt the burn after the first 10 minutes of workout and then i jumped onto the second one and that took me out of breath abit more and i started feeling my arms and legs abit. The third and final regiment i did was really hitting me hard and i was very exausted but i felt good!

So yea i found a new training regiment that actually seem to work for me and it was very fun so i will be doing that 2-3 times a week cause it will help me keep in shape and energetic and focused!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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