Tuesday I think I managed to do it!

So I think I managed to finish my thesis!

I am getting help from a friend in proofreading my thesis to see that it seems okay! So depending on that I potentially will be done!

Its 3 days left and all my mind is doing is thinking “is this good enough” “this is not enough” “why is this bad” like normal panic thoughts BUT I know the content is good enough, I know its not bad its good! Even the teachers have said it… so yea I finally realised that a thesis is never good enough but it is good enough anyway! I freaking wrote it from scratch thats an accomplishment!

But yea atleast im done with it!

Now to something completely different I got a package today and it contained the mug I have had images commisioned for me on it! and it is so much bigger and looks so much nicer then I thought!

Im so happy with this! If you like it aswell and wanna get your own you can buy it here:


Now tomorrow is wednesday and that means its only 3 day left until im officially done with uni!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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