Friday a poem from the depths of my soul…

Today im just gonna let my inne voice become written words.

As i close the eyes of the once beloved
All i see is a tear slowly run down the face
Fear grips the outer corner of my heart
Slowly i fall into the pillows already bracing my fall.
How many steps do i need to walk?
Walking a million miles starts with a single step
Dark is the trail in the night
If i fall who will hear it?
The darkness grips my body
The cold makes it hard to move
The sunlight just evades my body
But as sure as spring comes after winter
I will one day break free of this messy nest my head is
But how afraid am i, if noone will never watch, see or notice my hidden smiles
No matter how many times i say thank you if your ears are closed
No matter how many times i am close you never look my way
Thats why i keep walking the smaller roads to avoid the gazes
Do i really wanna be found? Do i really not just wanna be forgotten?
My road is still being explored and nowhere near an end

Now the weekend is upon us again, its crazy how fast the weeks goes by but yea lets see how this weekend will be!

Todays lyrics are:

“Another verse another search for something holy
Another chance to make it right
When it’s young and it’s fun there’s nothing lost nothing won
And no consequence in sightYou know it only feels like darkness
When the light doesn’t shine on your side
You were the poet I was the poem but were you mine were you your own
Or were we fighting for our lives
It doesn’t matter we survived”

From the song: One last time by LP:


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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