Thursday accepting a compliment can be the hardest thing…

I just wanna make a detour back and give an update reguardings yesterdays blogpost as I got sent messages reguarding how I am feeling. I am in contact with people who hopefully will be able to help me straighten out this chaotic mental instability im in currently!

But todays subject is something i am not used to talk about wich is why i dont know where this post is gonna go, but for the past 2 weeks i have been looking around on different social media (just watching not interacting) with how people write messages to eachother and how people reply to said posts. It has been intresting thats for certain…

So what i noticed is that when someone gives compliments to someone its like there excist a defensive mechanism that makes people automaticly react in a way that leads to broken situations.

An example i saw was:

“Nice hat”
“oh thank you but this hat isnt really my style”
“oh i see…”

What i wonder is what and why is it so hard to just say thanks and give an compliment back? Why do we need to justify our style in a way that negativily affects the item / piece we wear? I cant really speak as i dont really get compliments and i myself pretty goes on the defensive or just derp moments and have nothing to say when it happends. But yea i just wonder is it cause we are afraid? (i know i am cause its a new experience for me) but people that get complimented alot how do they react?

I feel like by giving something a positive comment helps boost someone depending on what its about. Like compliments can be anything really anything. I read this and it made me happy to read it:

“Hey! thanks for suggesting this book to me it was awesome!”
“No problem if you want more tips im always here to give you suggestions”
“Great well i will finish reading this and then i probably will need another one!”
“Sure you know where i am”

I feel like by just planting a seed of postive nature in someone it can sprout into something beautiful that will spread to others. We live in a time where we dont see eachother as much as we used to but now more then ever i think we all need that seed of positivity that can grow inside all of us.

Even tho i currently am in not a positive place i still want us to spread positivity to eachother. Sometimes saying hi to someone is the best thing you can do to brighten someones day.

Todays lyrics made me think and write this topic

What’s left to say?
These prayers ain’t working anymore
Every word shot down in flames
What’s left to do with these broken pieces on the floor?
I’m losing my voice calling on you

‘Cause I’ve been shaking
I’ve been bending backwards till I’m broke
Watching all these dreams go up in smoke

Let beauty come out of ashes”

Taken from the song “Ashes by Céline Dion”


By Dan

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