Saturday this meditation lead to a weird dream..

So as i mentioned in an earlier blogpost, i have started doing meditation to calm and control my overreactions and emotional outbursts. But i tried a new video guided meditation before sleeping yesterday and it lead to a weird dream.

I mentioned this is the last blogpost but will go abit more indeep about it in this blogpost!

The video helped me go down in stresslevels and helped me keep my breathing in a calm way, like it should and just made me relax.

There was no issue until i put away my phone and fell asleep. I dreamed i was in an area with a really dark forest in the horizon and infront of the forest all i could see was a huge wolf looking creature that reminded me of Fenrir from norse mythology. The Wolf looked at me and then walked away towards the forest and thats when i woke up breathing quite heavily. I checked my phone for what time it was and i saw it was only 30 minutes past midnight..

I went back to sleep but didnt dream about the wolf again, tho i would love to know who that wolf was and why werent i terrified of a creature 10x my size or more…

Dreams be dreams…


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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