Saturday my hearing is not my friend today..

So today when i woke up i felt once again as i was in a pressure cooker wich is not a pleasant thing to think about being in.. I could hardly hear anything and the normal speaking voice of people around me was like tiny whispers wich annoyed me cause its really annoying trying to listen to someone who keeps whisping…

Went outside cause i had some errands to do and when i got back home i was exausted by the amount of sounds i am constantly surrounded by and now when my hearing is down it is even worse…

So had lunch and then i went up to start working on my final exam for this subject that is due tomorrow. So i finished that in 3 hours after much reflection and thinking about what i needed to inclued in the exam i finished it and abit later i sent it in and now i just hope it will be a passing grade cause francly cause i couldnt really focus cause my ear i have no idea if it was anything good but maybe… we will see in about 15 days.


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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