Monday abit of study prep and game design ideas!

Today i did start putting together all the papers and books that are for the exam this Friday!

Also got the last exam back and i passed 2 out of 3 subjects so im ok with that! Next retake is next year but thats alright!

Also i started looking for what type of game i want, and i decided on i wanted some type of platformer, adventure game. So the games that comes to mind are:

Dust an Elysian Tale and Ori and the blind forest, both two very beautiful games! But they are kinda short playwise, but enviorment and level design are so nice. So i will be taking inspiration from those games into my own.

I already decided on the following:

  • Landscape setting
  • Abit of the story element
  • World size
  • A few enemies

What i havent decided on are:

  • Character name
  • Game name
  • Game icon

So i will keep working on this the coming days and maybe soon i will be able to show something!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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