Thursday started with panic and expanded into exams all day!

Today i woke up at 9am yelling and cursing cause i thought it was Friday! So was panicing for 3 minutes before i checked my phone and saw it was Thursday… I decided to lay down again and “restart”.

The morning went by and 10am came around and i started writing again on the exam that was due today. At 3pm i finished it and sent it in! Then i started tackle the exam that is due next Wednesday… started on 0 quickly made it 400 words and at 6:45pm i finished it on 1919 words!

Tomorrow i am handing over this exam to a person who will proof read and discuss with me if there is any problems with the text so i can fix it up before i send it in for the third time!

But it started snowing today aswell! I mean we just had over 15 degrees for 2 weeks and now snow… great weather great weather..


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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