Tuesday, snow and studies.

Today been a good day! Been focusing on my studies since i almost finished reading everything for tomorrow already, just have 30 pages left to read and i will do that before i sleep.

But the subject that we are reading this week, toddlers way of communication and how they do communicate have been really intressting to read about. I do have read about this before when i was studying back in 2015 but it is really fun to read the litterature for this.

I also mailed the person who handles our internship today cause all my classmates got their locations already but i havent. So i mailed the person in charge and asked if mine was ready or if it is still was being processed, and the answer was that no reply had been given yet, but i will wait cause atleast i know i get an answer soon!

I also played around with photoshop again and i really am having so much fun making random images and stuff, i will be showcasing some in either tomorrow or this coming weekends blogpost!

I also know that my post arent the longest at the moment but it is cause i am now focusing more on school related things then other things so yea. It is like it should be right?

Tomorrow is the first lecture day of my third semester!
So hope your day been great cause mine have!