Sunday cleaning up!

Yes today i had lunch at my parents, then i went home to start fixing things around the appartment, seeing as i have had boxes lieing around now for 2 weeks and thats not something i want so yea i collected them and placed them near my door then 7 trips back and forth to the storage unit in the basement and they were all done!

I also put away the balcony pillows into a wardrobe aswell so they are now put away for the winter, i also cleaned the floor, tables and desks and everything so now its clean! I also did laudry and dishes so the start of a new week will be nice!

Everything is slowly coming together and i feel great about it!

The afternoon was intresting tho, i lost power in the bedroom and guestroom/office so yea that was intresting, and i double checked the plugs and couldnt find an issue with them, so i called the landlord and he showed up and helped me check the plugs again and yea it was fixed atleast so now i have power again!

So yea this have been my sunday and now lets see what next week have to offer! I also wanna apolagice abit for this weeks blogposts updates coming so sporadic its just cause i just been thinking about so much other things and been stressed so they have been placed on the backburner, but now im back and we will see what next week have to offer!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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