Sunday feeling abit deflated…

So yes today im abit exausted since yesterday, it drained me quite heavy and yes its on me cause i was awake way to long so that screwed me over.

But yea another sunday and im like walways tired but this is on me cause i is stupid and stay up cause i can and i dont even try and not stay up so yes go me…

But i really am enjoying this whole living on my own cause its quite calming me down and yes im still settling in and trying to figure out alot of small details to make it feel more like my own place.

BUT also today i managed to get the lamps to work, so now i finally have working lamps in the living room and the entrance hall, but the entrance hall one will be replaced in due time cause its the kitchen lamp i hanged there cause i needed the entrance hall lamp more then i needed a kitchen lamp for the time being!

But now this weekend is over and a new week is upon us! Lets see what this coming week has to offer!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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