Thursday taking a small detour to work..

So today i woke up abit later then i was gonna, but only like 5 minutes and i got out of the door abit later then i was planing on but it is what it is, somedays just are like that.

So as i was walking to work i had to take a small detour cause i had a letter i need to mail cause it is so my electricity bill gets paid automaticly everymonth so i dont have to even think about it.

But yea as i was walking to work my glasses decided to once again break for me, abit less this time but enough for me to get annoyed by it so i just walked in a nice pace and got to work in 15 minutes (had well over 25 minutes to get to work) So yea guess being annoyed made me walk abit faster then normal.

So at work i got my super glue and fixed the glasses one last time, since they only need to hold together today and tomorrow it should be enough!

Finally tomorrow yes im getting new glasses and i cant wait!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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