Thursday i knew i forgot something..

So yes today started quite okay but it wasnt that great cause i kinda forgot something important!

So I woke up for work on planned time but then i had a knawing feeling i was forgetting something and then as i was walking to work i figured out what it was i was missing, and it was confirmed when i got there as i checked my schedule..

Yea so I was sick last week and this was my 2nd day of work since being back, and i didnt know about any schedule changes only that we were discussing it. Now i was 15 minutes late suddenly but luckily for me my collegue was fine since it was very calm day at work since its break for alot of the kids.

So I excused myself and work started work, and it was fun the day went by and then it was fine and i went home after work and went to sleep.

Now tomorrow im going to the optitian to get new glasses! So lets see how tomorrow will be!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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